Jim Lathrop, President

Jim has been in the mortgage business since 2000, when he developed the vision for Money Street Mortgage. He built the business through telemarketing and referrals, growing from a start-up into a thriving company… Read More

Steve Murman, CPA

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FHA Reduces Mortgage Insurance Premiums

FHA Reduces Mortgage Insurance Premiums .28% FHA loans have made themselves even more interesting compared to conventional loans.  MIP (mortgage insurance premium) was historically just under what conventional PMI rates were is on conventional loans.  Typically on a...

1% Down and You Get Your Dream Home!

One month's rent could get you into your dream home!  You put down only 1%, your lender contributes 2%, giving you 3% equity at closing.  Money Street Mortgage has the lowest rates and we'll close within 30 days! Call us now for more...

Top Ten Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Shopping for your first home is an exhilarating process. Will this be a good place to put down roots? Will it meet your long-term needs? What maintenance tasks will need to be addressed right away and what updates or remodels will you do? We want your first home...